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To put it simply: I LOVE FLOWERS. I love growing them, designing with them, living with them in my house and all around me. Brimming with ephemeral beauty, flowers are a reminder to live life to the fullest, and to notice the little details that make it so rich.

I run Botanique with a conscious eye towards sustainability and "green" design, and I see sourcing locally-grown product, composting all green waste, promoting organic growing practices, and knowing exactly where my flowers come from as absolute "musts." The added bonus? Locally-grown flowers simply glow, and my personal relationships with local farmers ensure that even on the busiest wedding weekends of the summer, I can source the most beautiful Cafe au Lait dahlias to be had in all the state! (Not to mention the abundant blooms that may be found in Botanique's Cutting Garden, right here in Seattle).

I would love to share my passion for flowers with you! Please contact me if you are interested in having Botanique design flowers for your wedding or event, or would like some pointers on growing your own cut flowers.

Photo by Jennifer Tai Photo Artistry

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