The Botanique Cutting Garden is an 800 square foot garden in South Seattle where we grow as many of our favorite flower varieties as possible: delicate fritillaries, fluffy peonies, colorful allium, zinnias, dahlias, nigella, and clematis, paper-thin Iceland poppies and cosmos.....  from April through October, the Cutting Garden is bursting at the seams with an incredible array of cut flowers and other botanical ingredients.

The Cutting Garden gives us an intimate connection with the seasons, and allows us to grow unusual and specialty flowers that are unavailable in a conventional marketplace. The Cutting Garden is also a place of experimentation, where we try out new growing techniques and flower varieties. This living laboratory gives us a unique ability to test out small-space and intensive growing techniques for urban residents looking to grow cut flowers in their own backyards.

We are passionate about sharing the joys of growing flowers. From creating a full-blown cutting garden in your backyard to integrating gorgeous flowers into an existing landscape, we would love to help you grow cut flowers at your home. Please contact us for more details. 

Photo by Mary Pastuh

Botanique is a full-service florist designing wedding flowers in Seattle, Washington. We create bouquets, centerpieces, arrangements and floral installations with an elegant, seasonal and organic aesthetic, and offer classes and workshops focused on sustainable design techniques. 

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