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Minimal, Elegant, Plum-Toned Spring Wedding Inspiration with Fritillaries and Blooming Branches

Sometimes simple really is best, especially when something as beautiful and magical as fritillaries are in bloom. For this inspiration shoot, we worked with a very minimal palette of white and plum toned flowers. The bridal bouquet we created had just three ingredients: checkered fritillaries, white sweet peas, and blooming branches. The centerpieces for the table we made two ways: First, monobotanical designs featuring only one exquisite flower- fritillaries. Second, those same gorgeous fritillaries, but with the addition of blooming branches- still simple and minimal, but with a little more fullness.

We also created a hanging installation of blooming branches over the table. There is almost nothing more impactful than a large, hanging floral piece like this. Though sometimes a challenge to engineer, hanging arrangements like this truly create a magical ambiance.

This inspiration shoot was a study in creating big impact with minimal ingredients, and as is always the case with our work, seeking unique and unexpected movement in our designs. To stay creatively excited, it's really essential that we get a chance to play every now and again, creating designs that are not for a specific client, but are just for our own experimentation and enjoyment. This afternoon collaborating with some of our favorite creatives was just that opportunity. Thank you to Callista, Anna, Jen, and our beautiful model Anjelika for such an awesome and inspirational day!

And.... because we had some incredible tulips blooming in the Cutting Garden at the time of this shoot, we made a second bouquet, just for fun (see below)! This bouquet featured tulips and edgeworthia- a really unique, flowering shrub that added the perfect lines to this modern, minimal and unique bouquet.

Flowers: Botanique

Photography: Anna Peters

Planner/Designer: Callista & Co.

Model: SMG Models


About the Designer:

Botanique is a full-service floral and event design company based in Seattle, WA. Led by Creative Director Kelly Sullivan, we design wedding flowers and events with an organic, effortless, seasonal, elegant, and modern aesthetic for couples getting married in Washington state and beyond, including the greater Seattle area, Tacoma, Lakewood, Bellevue, Kirkland, the San Juan Islands, the Eastside, and Eastern Washington. In addition, we offer group floral classes and workshops in our Seattle studio focused on sustainable floral design techniques, as well as private, one-on-one floral design lessons. We also maintain a large cutting garden that acts as muse for our design work, and offer classes to teach you how to grow your own flowers and start your own cutting garden. To learn more about working with Botanique for your wedding or event, please inquire on our contact form. To sign up to be notified of upcoming workshops and learning opportunities, please sign up for our workshops mailing list.


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