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Organic, Textural, and Elegant White and Green Wedding Inspiration, With a Pop of Burgundy

The classic, green and white color palette is gorgeous- there is a reason that it is so popular. But how do you take that classic and elegant green and white concept and make it unique and specific to you/your wedding/your aesthetic/the magic of a particular season? The answer (or at least one answer): texture and subtle color variation, which comes through embracing the season and highlighting botanical elements that are truly specific to that moment in time. Though the palette for this inspiration shoot was based in the classic and elegant green and white concept, we added a touch of deep, muddy burgundy, and some golden yellow accents through textural pieces that change the feel of this palette, bringing it into relationship with the season and making it distinct from what you might first imagine upon hearing "white and green" in terms of a floral color palette.

Whatever the season when you are getting married, there will be unique and interesting floral elements that truly speak to the place and time of year of your celebration, locating your flowers in a particular moment in time- helping to locate YOU in a specific moment in time too. Texture can be many things- for example, in the fall it may be grasses and berries, in the winter, bare, textural branches that show elegance and movement, in the spring, perhaps tiny buds just emerging... these are just some of the most obvious examples, but each season (really each week!) brings something different, the subtle, constant shift of one season/moment into the next. Working with these elements for your flowers not only locates your wedding in a particular time and place, which adds rich meaning and context to the overall feeling and resonance your flowers bring to your wedding. It also allows for creativity and inspiration for your floral designer to make something unique that is inspired both by you and the season, a merging of person/people to time and place.

And of course it is always important for us to be thinking and working with seasonally appropriate and locally-grown flowers in terms of environmental impact and sustainability. Flowers that are flown in from halfway around the world are not only bringing with them a huge carbon footprint, they are also not nearly as vibrant as local flowers, nor do they carry the meaning and magic of what is happening right in the location that you find yourself for your wedding. Instead of getting attached to a specific flower that may or may not be in season locally when you get married, how about getting excited about a truly unique and thoughtful concept that is designed to support you specifically, using flowers that are sourced ethically and locally, supporting local agriculture and a small business along the way? This is where the magic truly happens- when all parties involved are in harmony and inspired. See below for a some visuals to illustrate this idea, one take on a very seasonal and textural approach to the "classic white and green" palette!

Flowers: Botanique

Photography: Anna Peters


About the Designer:

Botanique is a full-service floral and event design company based in Seattle, WA. Led by Creative Director Kelly Sullivan, we design wedding flowers and events with an organic, effortless, seasonal, elegant, and modern aesthetic for couples getting married in Washington state and beyond, including the greater Seattle area, Tacoma, Lakewood, Bellevue, Kirkland, the San Juan Islands, the Eastside, and Eastern Washington. In addition, we offer group floral classes and workshops in our Seattle studio focused on sustainable floral design techniques, as well as private, one-on-one floral design lessons. We also maintain a large cutting garden that acts as muse for our design work, and offer classes to teach you how to grow your own flowers and start your own cutting garden. To learn more about working with Botanique for your wedding or event, please inquire on our contact form. To sign up to be notified of upcoming workshops and learning opportunities, please sign up for our workshops mailing list.


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