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As promised, here's the follow-up to the previous post! Some images from the second part of our Movement Study Workshop, taken during a photoshoot with Anna Peters.

Anna and I had been talking for a while about collaborating on a shoot involving movement and flowers... and we decided we would open it up to participants from the workshop as well! Most of the ladies who attended the morning session came to the photoshoot too, and assisted with setting up a simple hanging installation, as well as all the behind the scenes details- finishing the bows on bouquets and boutonnieres, touching things up here and there.

In general, the cohesion of all the different pieces and elements for a wedding or editorial are really important to me... but in this case, we set out to PLAY. We were not trying to create any specific thing, or anything particularly cohesive in terms of color, mood, theme... we were just playing around with ideas of movement- me with flowers, Anna with photography, and our gorgeous model Brittany (who is a professional dancer) with her body!

I loved the light, airy quality of this jasmine vine garland! Also, it smelled amazing...

This time in the studio hatched a bunch of ideas in my mind for things I would like to create in the future, and ideas I would like to expand upon... I loved creating this over the arm bouquet, and would really like to create more bouquets in this style.

It may seem a little random in terms of color and style... but there are some really good seeds of inspiration in here. And I REALLY want to get more creative with bridal accessories this year... so if anyone is interested in wearing a garland, or carrying an unusually-shaped bouquet, or something else.... let me know!

Vendor Credits:

Flowers: Botanique

Photography: Anna Peters

Hair and Make-Up: Kendra Springer Gowns: The Dress Theory

Model: Brittany Mains

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