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Hello dear readers!

Since Botanique's inception in 2011, we have been using Blogger as a platform to share our latest work and happenings. But it's 2018! Time to get the blog integrated into the actual website! So from here on out, we'll be posting our latest work, information on upcoming workshops, snapshots of the garden and more on this page. If you want to look back through the archives, head over to you'll find a wealth of photos showing weddings, past workshops, our garden and more!

To kick it off, here are a couple of beautiful images from Della Chen Photography from a wedding last June at AXIS Pioneer Square.

AXIS Pioneer Square Wedding

Rebecca's bouquet was special, because almost all of it came from our Cutting Garden. The garden roses, foxglove, blooming branches, foliage... we grew it all! Though something from the garden invariably makes it's way into every bouquet we create, it is a rare moment when the colors and flowers blooming match the aesthetic we are going for so seamlessly and completely.

We use the seasons as our guide to create works of floral art that truly represent you, and create a beautiful frame inside which your wedding unfolds. We have a few more openings in our 2018 calendar, so please get in touch if you would like to talk flowers! We'd love to create something meaningful and beautiful for your wedding day.

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