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I've had so much interest over the years in a beginners level workshop, and also a lot of interest in recent months for a workshop addressing how to grow cut flowers in your garden. So I've created a new workshop geared towards beginners, that cover both the fundamentals of growing cut flowers in your garden as well as the fundamentals of creating a floral arrangement with flowers from your garden! Read below for details, and I hope you can join us!

Seattle Floral Design Workshop Flower Field Day


August 26th, 2018 at the Botanique Studio and Cutting Garden

Come spend the morning in Botanique’s Cutting Garden and Design Studio, for an introductory course on growing and arranging flowers! We’ll begin the day with a Cutting Garden tour, where Kelly Sullivan, owner and lead designer of Botanique, will address considerations for planning, planting, and maintaining a cutting garden. Kelly will also teach attendees how, when and where to harvest flowers for maximum vase life, and to encourage plants to re-bloom throughout the season. Participants will then be set free in the garden with clippers in hand, and invited to harvest a bucket full of flowers from the garden. We’ll regroup in Botanique’s studio for a design lesson, where Kelly will share the basics of creating a beautiful arrangement with flowers harvested from the garden. Participants will each create an arrangement to take home, with the flowers they harvested that morning.

This class is intended for beginning and intermediate level floral designers, home gardeners, and anyone who wants to learn more about the basics of growing and arranging flowers. Professional level floral designers and growers are welcome to attend, but advanced design and growing techniques will not be covered.

INVESTMENT: $245 includes all flowers, materials, and light.

Please note that workshops are not refundable.

Click here to register! Please feel free to email Kelly with any questions:

See you there!

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