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Forage and Create Workshop at Wildshoot Forest and Farm

Many years ago, I met a woman named Celia at a wedding fair- I was there with a table full of flowers (of course!), and she was there with information about a venue she runs called Wildshoot Forest and Farm. We bonded over our shared love of natural places, sustainability, and organic, intentional designs, and exchanged contact information. Eventually, after a few years of being in touch, I finally made it up to Snohomish, WA to visit her at Wildshoot (it's about an hour north of Seattle). As Celia and I walked through the gorgeous forest together, talking and gathering false lily-of-the valley leaves to add to a soup Celia had made, I started dreaming of bringing out a group of people for a day-long experience to connect with the land and connect with their own creativity and artistry. This idea resonated with Celia, as she shared with me that she considers herself the steward of this land, but that it is not just for her- she wants people to be able to come out and experience the beauty and magic of the land, to share connection and creativity here.

That visit was the seed that eventually blossomed into this workshop, called Forage + Create. The idea behind this workshop was to create an experience where attendees could connect with the land, connect with the plants on the land and tune into the specific quality of that day, have the opportunity to forage on the land, gathering plant materials that called to each person, and then learn how to use those materials along with a selection of gorgeous, locally-grown flowers to create a bridal bouquet. It was a day to connect with place, plants, creativity, inspiration, and each other. I really believe that the most beautiful pieces are a reflection of a specific moment in time and place- working with flowers and plants that are truly of a given moment- and that is what this workshop was about. Nourished by soup and treats made by Celia, we spent the day in the woods, fields, garden and barn, gathering flowers and plants and gathering together, learning, growing and being inspired by each other and the magic of the land and plants. The design portion of the day happened in a beautiful barn with open walls that looked out onto the magical forest and surrounding fields. One of my favorite things was looking down at the "grass" beyond the barn, which was peppered with little wildflowers growing all through it. There is a palpable magic in the air at Wildshoot, it is just one of those places where the beauty and magic feel like they are seeping into your skin, undeniable and alive. Today as the winter arrives, the days grow short, and the flowers are scarce, I'm remembering this beautiful day in late spring, in pre-Covid times when in-person workshops were a thing. This concept will absolutely return once we can safely gather again :)

Of course, the biggest thanks for this day goes to the flowers and plants we worked with, all of whom were so generously willing to work with us in service of beauty, creativity, learning, and connection.

I hope you enjoy this little snapshot of the day! And I truly cannot wait to offer another workshop like this, so if you're interested in attending be sure to sign up for our mailing list to be notified when new workshops are announced (you can sign up here).

The Bridal Bouquet: A foraging and floral design workshop in Seattle from top wedding florist Botanique

Workshop Host: Botanique (us!)

Photography: Anna Peters


About the Designer:

Botanique is a full-service floral and event design company based in Seattle, WA. Led by Creative Director Kelly Sullivan, we design wedding flowers and events with an organic, effortless, seasonal, elegant, and modern aesthetic for couples getting married in Washington state and beyond, including the greater Seattle area, Tacoma, Lakewood, Bellevue, Kirkland, the San Juan Islands, the Eastside, and Eastern Washington. In addition, we offer group floral classes and workshops in our Seattle studio focused on sustainable floral design techniques, as well as private, one-on-one floral design lessons. We also maintain a large cutting garden that acts as muse for our design work, and offer classes to teach you how to grow your own flowers and start your own cutting garden. To learn more about working with Botanique for your wedding or event, please inquire on our contact form. To sign up to be notified of upcoming workshops and learning opportunities, please sign up for our workshops mailing list.


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