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Classy and Elegant Hotel Ballard Wedding

This beautiful wedding from pre-Covid times is finally making it to the blog! It was a true joy to work with David and Eduardo on their small, intimate, very personal wedding at the Olympic Rooftop Pavilion at Hotel Ballard. They wanted the event to feel like it was happening in a really intimate space, akin to being in your living room with close friends. Along with Danae from Perfectly Posh Events and Erin from Yay! Parties, we created a ceremony design that truly was intimate and special, with a big floral swag framing David and Eduardo as they said their vows, and a couch and soft chairs for family members to sit on. The space did feel a bit like a cozy living room, one with an amazing view, and most importantly filled with family and loved ones.

The flowers were a classic and elegant blend of white and green shades, with a hint of navy blue from some evergreen huckleberries that we integrated into the designs.

David and Eduardo created such a warm, welcoming vibe, with zero pretension, yet impeccable taste and class- it was truly a joy to play a small part in this celebration of their love!

Eduardo's cousin is a photographer, and she took this first set of photos. There is a second set you will see later in this post as well, and I'll explain that as you scroll down and get to those images! This first set are by Jennifer Livingston Photography.

Photography: Jenny Margo Livingston


And here is the second set of photos! We were lucky enough to have one of our photographer friends, Mary Pastuh, onsite during the set up for this wedding to capture some of the floral details, and this second set of images is Mary's work.

I hope you enjoyed getting a little glimpse into this beautiful and heartfelt wedding!

Flowers: Botanique

Photography: Jenny Margo Livingston (first set); Mary Pastuh (second set)

Rentals: Yay! Parties


About the Designer:

Botanique is a full-service floral and event design company based in Seattle, WA. Led by Creative Director Kelly Sullivan, we design wedding flowers and events with an organic, effortless, seasonal, elegant, and modern aesthetic for couples getting married in Washington state and beyond, including the greater Seattle area, Tacoma, Lakewood, Bellevue, Kirkland, the San Juan Islands, the Eastside, and Eastern Washington. In addition, we offer group floral classes and workshops in our Seattle studio focused on sustainable floral design techniques, as well as private, one-on-one floral design lessons. We also maintain a large cutting garden that acts as muse for our design work, and offer classes to teach you how to grow your own flowers and start your own cutting garden. To learn more about working with Botanique for your wedding or event, please inquire on our contact form. To sign up to be notified of upcoming workshops and learning opportunities, please sign up for our workshops mailing list.


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